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Weathering Powder Light Rust 45ml

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Humbrol Weathering Powders are a versatile means of adding realistic weathering effects to your models, figures and dioramas.
hey can be mixed to create different shades, enabling a full range of finishes from dust to mud, soot, rust and many more.
Usage: Used to create realistic weathered effects.

Substrate: Weathering Powder can be applied to most substrates depending on the method.

Application: Weathering Powder can be applied dry or mixed with several Humbrol products. Try dusting the powders on, using capillary action or in a paste with acrylic paints or weathering washes.
To fix the weathering powder we recommend Humbrol Mattcote varnish or Decalfix – our experts find both create different effects depending on the situation you want to create.

Drying Time: Dependent of application methods.

How to Clean: Dependent of application methods.

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