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Large Starter Set – Westland Sea King HAR.3

Held in extremely high regard by the British public, the distinctive yellow Search and Rescue Sea King HAR.3 helicopters of the Royal Air Force always seemed to be on hand when help was needed most. Many sailors, climbers and holidaymakers owe their lives to the highly capable SAR crews of the RAF, who were ready to save lives at any time of day, or night and in all weather conditions. As the final RAF Search and Rescue Sea Kings are finally withdrawn from service, many people will be left with fond memories of these high profile helicopters of mercy. Often the star of many a high profile news report, the Sea Kings were always seen helping people who found themselves in difficult situations, which in many cases could actually be life threatening. The sight of a bright yellow Sea King always served to reassure the public and even when conducting general patrol sorties over Britain’™s beaches, the crew would always be certain of receiving some affectionate waves from the holidaymakers below.

Tech Specs:

Item Length – 30.7 (cm)
Item Height – 7.13 (cm)
Item Width – 2.66 (cm)
Rotor Span 398 (mm)
Number of parts: 135
Item Scale: 1:72 Scale

Contents (what’s in the box):
Sprues, decals, Paints, Glue, Brush
Finish: Plastic
Number of Scheme options: 1
Skill Level: 3
Flying Hours: 1

Glue and paint required to complete – not included!

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