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Porsche 935 Martini 1/12

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Porsche 935 Martini

Length: 395mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

Champion machine in 1976
In 1976 the World Championship for Makes was to be contested by Group 5 cars such as the Porsche 935 Martini, which that year would bring the famed German manufacturer a glorious overall title. Group 5 was a silhouette formula with extensively modified production cars; the 935 Martini was based upon the 930 Turbo, and endowed with a 2,857cc horizontally opposed 6-cylinder rear engine which put out a magnificent 590hp thanks to liberal tuning and a turbocharger. Its suspension was also race-tuned. The 1976 season started off well for the Porsche Martini with a victory in the 6 Hours race at Mugello in March and continued in the same vein with a triumph in Vallelunga, and while a regulation-forced intercooler change led to a mid-season swoon, the team came back strongly to prevail in the final two races of the year and hold off rivals BMW in claiming a hard-earned Championship.

About the Model:

★1/12 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 395mm, width: 173mm, height: 56mm (Includes antenna).
★Features powerful silhouette formula form for a silhouette formula.
★Openable doors, front and rear hood.
★A detailed rendering of the air-cooled 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine features recreations of turbocharger and various cables and lines.
★Steering wheel moves the front wheels by rack and pinion.
★Smooth suspension is coil sprung front and rear.
★Detailed cockpit with roll cage.
★Includes photo-etched brake discs, bonnet catch and side radiator parts, plus metallic antenna.
★Photo-etched buckles and faux cloth give realistic seatbelts.
★High quality decals by Cartograf.
★Rendering of the extensively modified and powerful form of real car.
★The doors are openable and cockpit is detailed with roll cage. Bucket seat includes seatbelts.
★Front hood is removable, and has fuel tank, oil tank, battery, and washer tank.
★Includes photo-etched air intake for front spoiler, front and rear brake discs, and side radiator parts.
★Includes bulging rear fenders for 19inch thick large-diameter tires, and photo-etched rear gurney flap.
★A detailed rendering of the 6-cylinder horizontally opposed engine.
★Underside features suspension with coil spring damper units and engine bottom.
★Photo-etched parts and metallic antenna give great detail.
★High quality decals by Cartograf.

Tamiya Color paints for painting the 1/12 Porsche 935 Martini:

Tamiya Color Spray Paint:
TS-6 Matt black
TS-14 Black
TS-21 Gold
TS-26 Pure white
TS-29 Semi gloss black
TS-49 Bright red
TS-51 Racing blue

Tamiya Color Lacquer Paint:
LP-1 Black
LP-2 White
LP-3 Flat black
LP-4 Flat white
LP-5 Semi gloss black
LP-8 Pure yellow
LP-11 Silver
LP-38 Flat aluminum
LP-45 Racing blue
LP-50 Bright red
LP-61 Metallic gray


Tamiya Color:
X-1 Black
X-2 White
X-7 Red
X-8 Lemon yellow
X-9 Brown
X-11 Chrome silver
X-12 Gold leaf
X-18 Semi gloss black
X-25 Clear green
XF-1 Flat black
XF-2 Flat white
XF-16 Flat aluminum
XF-56 Metallic grey

★Useful tools in the construction of your model
Item 74007 Screwdriver No.1 M
Item 74066 Diamond File (for Photo-Etched Parts)
Item 74068 Modeling Scissors (for Photo-Etched Parts)

★Precision cementing: Item 87062 Tamiya CA Cement (Quick Type)

★Get your decals done definitively: Item 74052 Decal Tweezers

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