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Ger Infantry French Campaign

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2 in stock

Storming the Western Front

High-quality figure set depicts a squad of German infantrymen in action during the Battle for France in 1940.
★Set includes 1 MP40-carrying officer, 2 riflemen, and a machine gunner and loader in prone position.
★Officer and rifleman can be assembled in various poses. Using multiple sets enables depiction of over 8 different poses.
★Helmets with camouflage belt included.
★Weapons and equipment all feature sharp surface details.

About the Uniform
The M36 field uniform, featuring a jacket with a green collar and the distinctively-shaped M35 helmet, was used by the German army at the start of WWII. However, the Y-type suspenders had not yet been issued to all units at the time of the French Campaign. 

Pose Variation – Rifleman-Officer
Change the right arm of the walking rifleman to create an MP40-carrying officer. 

Pose Variation – Officer-Rifleman
Change both arms of the MP40 carrying officer to create a rifle-carrying infantryman. 

Pose Variation – Rifleman-Officer
Change both arms of the rifleman to create a binocular-holding officer.

Kit includes 2 Kar98k rifles and 1 MP40 sub-machine gun. Multiple sets may be required depending on the chosen poses of the figures.

Model kit requires assembly, glue and paint to complete.

Image shows painted and assembled kit.

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