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Matilda MK3/4 Red Army 1/35`

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Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III/IV “Red Army”Item No: 35355
Length: 164mm.

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Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III/IV “Red Army”

Comrade Matilda
Britain supplied the Soviet Union with more than 1,000 Matildas under the auspices of the “Lend-Lease” policy during WWII. Sporting a 2-pounder gun and armor up to 78mm on the front, and offering a top speed of 24km/h, the Red Army deployed it with an infantry support brief. Later Red Army Matildas were given updated tracks and bogie skids in place of return rollers in order to help them cope with the punishing conditions.

About the Model
★This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Matilda Mk.III/IV “Red Army”. Length: 164mm, width: 72mm. ★The heavyweight form of the Matilda is captured with aplomb. ★Updated Red Army track type, bogie skids and side skirts are faithfully recreated. ★Slit-less locker hatches on the hull front are Red Army Matilda spec. ★Assembly type tracks use individual links. ★2 crew torso figures are included in the kit. ★Comes with 2 marking options, with various turret slogans also recreated.
★The model accurately captures the form of the Red Army Matildas supplied by Britain.  
★Assembly components are used to recreate tracks for harsh winter conditions.  
★Skid bogies were employed in place of return rolers. Altered side skirts are realistically depicted.
★Parts realistically capture cast surfaces such as on turret. 2 marking options are included.  
★Two realistic torso figures recreate commander and driver, adding another layer of realism to the kit.  
★Hull front locker hatches are recreated with the updated, safety conscious slitless design.

Unit unknown, Southern sector of Eastern Front,
Summer 1942  19th Tank Corps, Central sector of Eastern Front,
January 1942

★Tamiya Color paints for painting the Infantry Tank Matilda Mk.III/IV “Red Army”

X-10 Gun metal
XF-56 Metallic grey 
X-11 Chrome silver
XF-59 Desert yellow * 
XF-1 Flat black
XF-62 Olive drab * 
XF-2 Flat white
XF-64 Red brown
XF-8 Flat blue
XF-84 Dark iron
XF-15 Flat flesh

* A mixture of XF-59 and XF-62 is used to recreate hull color

Length: 164mm. Image shows assembled and painted kit.

Glue and paint required to complete – NOT included!

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