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Lewis Aero Machine Gun 1/6

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1 in stock

Lewis Gun kit, 1/6 Scale

Injection molded Polystyrene kit consisting of 12 parts plus vinyl strap for ammo drum.

Used by the Allied forces in WWI, the Lewis gun, as it came to be called, was attributed to Isaac Newton Lewis, who improved on an original design by Samuel Maclean in 1911. The drum fed gun was far lighter than the typical belt fed types, air cooled, and could be carried and used by a single infantryman. Being light weight, and air cooled, it quickly found its way onto aircraft- and it was the first machine gun fired from an aircraft! The Lewis was used as both a forward firing gun, typically mounted on the top wing of biplanes to fire over the propeller arc, and as a flexible mounted gun for the Observer on 2 seat aircraft, and larger bombers. This particular item represents a MK IV Lewis.

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