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Sar (Berlin & Westland Sea King MK.41)

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DGzRS Berlin + Sea King “Good Bye Set”
Scale: 1:72

Revell SAR Set: DGzRS BERLIN + Westland SeaKing Mk. 41
Sea rescue cruiser or SAR helicopter: which of the two kits is assembled first under the skilled hands of the hobbyist? The SAR set DGzRS BERLIN and Westland SeaKing Mk.41 offers extensive modelling pleasure not only on grey autumn and winter days. In 1:72 scale, two plastic model kits are turned into realistic replicas. Many moving parts and carefully selected decals ensure a high degree of authenticity. From model builders for model builders: To ensure that the hobbyist can get started immediately and that the desire to tinker does not turn into a frustration, the meticulously compiled kit contains easy-to-understand building instructions as well as all the necessary accessories, including paints (Revell Aqua Color), brushes and glue (Revell Contacta Professional Mini). As a creative gift for Christmas or a birthday, the exciting craft set will delight model building fans aged 12 and over.

Sea King helicopter and sea cruiser – an unbeatable team
“We go out when others come in” – this is the courageous motto of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service (DGzRS).

For more than 150 years, the fleet of rescue cruisers and boats has been kept on course exclusively through donations. For the SAR service (SAR = Search and Rescue) in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, the German Navy and the DGzRS work closely together: The former provides the Sea King helicopters and a crew of two pilots, an on-board mechanic and one or more paramedics. The DGzRS provides support with sea cruisers, usually with a crew of four.

DGzRS BERLIN – important 27.5-metre class rescue cruiser
The extremely detailed model kit of the unique multi-purpose fighter Tornado GR.4 with the special farewell decoration (the sign of the 31st of the RAF) is captivating andUntil it was replaced by a 28-metre-class ship of the same name in 2017, the DGzRS BERLIN was actively engaged in SAR operations in German territorial waters.

Many stories testify to the performance of the compact cruiser, which can glide through the offen sea at a top speed of 23 kilometres and a displacement of 103 tonnes.

Equipped with a daughter schiff named Steppke, the rescue cruiser impressed with reliable ocean-going capability in wind and weather

Westland SeaKing Mk.41 – legendary veteran of the German Navy
The Westland SeaKing Mk.41 was built until 1995. With 3,400 hp total power, a maximum range of around 1,500 kilometres and a maximum abflucted weight of nine tonnes, Sea King helicopters are still in service today in many countries around the world.

The Westland SeaKing Mk.41 was originally designed as a multi-purpose transport helicopter for military missions. The robust helicopter is equipped with high-tech radar and infrared camera. It is cleared for take-off even in extremely bad weather.

The impressive helicopter performs one task particularly well: rescuing people from distress at sea. For the daring mission manoeuvres on the high seas, a built-in winch is normally used. Constructed as an amphibious helicopter with a special hullfform and boom, the helicopter can also land on the water. At sea, integrated floats provide the necessary buoyancy for the Rotorflugzeug in the event of such an emergency landing.

Assembly Kit – glue and paint required to complete

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