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Top-Force Evo (2021)

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Top-Force Evo. (2021)

Impressive Indeed!
This R/C model assembly kit is a re-released and updated version of Top-Force EVO., a buggy first released in 1992. Its honed body and rear wing are molded in polycarbonate pre-painted in gun metal color, the shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain employs three differentials amd universal drive shafts, and the chassis is based around a rigid and lightweight carbon fiber double-deck frame with damper stays and battery plates crafted in the same material. The model is compatible not only with 7.2V Racing Pack products, but also the LF2200-6.6V Racing Pack.

Race-Oriented Shaft-Driven 4WD Chassis
This chassis features a race-oriented design with a lightweight carbon fiber double-deck layout that supports the gearboxes with 2mm thickness carbon fiber plates. A drivetrain with ball differentials front and rear and center one-way contributes towards sharp steering response, while front and rear assembly type universal shafts offer superior efficiency. Four-wheel independent double wishbone suspension employs oil dampers with aluminum cylinders, while turnbuckle upper arms allow camber adjustment. Vibrant orange wheels are paired with grippy spike tires.

★This model features a highly refined polycarbonate body design that oozes speed; stickers are included in the kit to decorate it. 
★A 4WD setup employs a steel propeller shaft to the right of the upper deck. Drivetrain and steering linkage feature efficient ball bearings. 
★Front double wishbone suspension, also features turnbuckle shaft upper arms for easy adjustment.
★Upper and lower decks, plus front and rear damper stays, and battery plates are crafted in lightweight, rigid carbon fiber material. 
★Double-wishbone rear suspension with aluminum damper cylinders. Universal drive shafts are employed front and rear. 
★Gear covers can be removed simply with the loosening of four screws, allowing easy access to the differentials for swift maintenance.
★Alluring, vibrant orange color dish design wheels are paired with spike tires that ensure the Top-Force Evo. has plenty of grip. 
★There is exemplary protection from dust, dirt and other potential infiltrators thanks to the kit’s tough polycarbonate undercowl. 
★An epic polycarbonate wing on the rear of the buggy features integrated end plates and a slatted design that really looks the part.

★Length: 400mm, width: 250mm, height: 190mm
★Wheelbase: 270mm
★Tread: 217mm (front), 205mm (rear)
★Carbon fiber double deck frame
★Shaft-driven 4WD
★Front & rear ball differentials
★Center one-way
★3-Piece steering tie-rod (with ball bearings)
★4-Wheel independent double-wishbone suspension
★Tire Width/Diameter: 32/82mm (front), 41/82mm (rear)
★Aluminum cylinder oil dampers
★Gear Ratio = 8.59:1
★Type 540 motor
★Full ball bearings
★Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.

Separately Required Items
★2-channel R/C system w/ESC
★AA  batteries for transmitter
★Battery pack & charger

Image shows assembled kit.

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