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Zen Blue+ Decoder 8 Pin Nano Wired 2FUNCTION

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1 in stock

Zen Blue+ Decoder: 8 Pin NANO Wired 2 Function

Zen NANO 8 Pin Wired 2 Function w/Stay Alive connection.

The ZN8H.nano is remarkably small! We started off with the world’s smallest, then shrunk it even more! With the same footprint as NANO 8-pin direct, we added wires… and shrunk it in thickness by nearly 50% to create a super-small go-anywhere wired decoder.

Decoder features:
– 1.1 Amps peak power
– 750mA continuous power
– 2 functions at 100mA each
– 14mm x 7mm x 2.7mm
– 8-pin harness
– Brown-out protection
– Stay-alive connection

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