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John Deere 7280R Tractor

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1 in stock

With the front loader, John Deere 7280R proves its functionality

Chassis with engine block and lid, stepped entrance, rear hydraulics as well as inside parts of rear fenders in green. Upper parts of front fenders and lower parts of rear fenders with exhaust pipe unit in matt black. Transparent cab with black border printing on the side. Green roof. Cab front frame with silver extra head lights in matt black. Radiator grill inserted in the front, black with two-tone logo printing. Front loader parts painted in green. Interior with control panel and steering wheel in brown. Transparent front headlights, orange transparent tail lights. Indicators printed orange, “7280R” type designation and “John Deere” lettering n black/yellow printing on the sides. Yellow rims. GPS receiver yellow, set up in middle in the roof.

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