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Silver Bullet Ica Ermewa 33 87 7898 010-6

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2 in stock

2 in stock

Dapol 4F-027-020 – ICA Silver Bullet
33 87 7898 010-6
In Ermewa Livery

The ICA China Clay slurry wagon has been nicknamed Silver Bullet due to its distinctive shape and colour and was designed for the efficient transport of China Clay slurry, typically from Cornwall to the paper mills of Scotland. These wagons were first produced by Arbel Fauvet in France between 1989 and 1990 but a later batch was manufactured in 2007 especially for the Channel Tunnel traffic between Belgium and Scotland.

The Dapol model of the ICA Silver Bullet features:

  • Highly detailed body and chassis moulding
  • Many added extra details with etched hand rails and ladders
  • NEM pockets
  • profiled wheels
  • Superbly applied livery and weathered finish

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